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Recruiting University Graduates Directly – A Good Idea or a Bad One?

May 03, 2024

Makati Job Hiring

Many businesses have a long-standing practice of hiring fresh university grads into full-time positions. These recent grads are full of fresh ideas and energy, and they know a lot from just finishing school.

There are benefits and drawbacks to this method, just as there are to any other employment tactic. In this article, we'll discuss the pros and cons of direct recruitment of recent university graduates to shed light on the topic for both hiring managers and candidates.

Pros of Directly Recruiting Recent University Graduates

1. University grads are great hires because they bring new perspectives and ideas to the table. They are excited to put the knowledge they've learned in school to use in the real world and contribute new ideas to the workplace.

2. Fresh graduates are more likely to be able to swiftly learn and adapt to new technologies and procedures because of their experience in the academic setting. This flexibility is crucial in dynamic fields like technology.

3. The pay expectations of young graduates are often lower than those of more seasoned professionals. Companies who want to keep their payroll expenses down without sacrificing the quality of workers may benefit from this.

4. Young professionals' views on company culture are mostly uncolored by their little exposure to it. Companies may then shape them to fit in with the company's culture.

5. Hiring fresh grads may result in loyal, long-term workers who can advance in their roles over time. These workers tend to be more devoted to the organization and may go on to assume leadership roles.

Cons of Directly Recruiting Recent University Graduates

1. Fresh graduates don't have the same level of experience as seasoned experts, thus they can't provide the same level of insight. Graduates may lack the necessary experience or training for some positions, particularly those requiring technical or highly specialized knowledge. This may result in more oversight and the possibility of making some errors, but these can be easily solved by providing the right training and resources.

2. In line with the previous item, many fresh graduates are fast learners but the time and money spent on training and development programs for them is an expense many companies must bear.

3. A common trend seen among younger employees is the increased turnover. Some recent grads may see their entry-level position as temporary, and they may depart for better possibilities as soon as they get experience. This factor may increase the frequency of recruiting attempts and the frequency with which they are needed.

Methods for Countering the Problems:

If you can foresee the above-mentioned downsides in hiring fresh graduates, here are some ways you can avoid and solve them.

1. To assist fresh grads in making the transition from the classroom to the workplace, companies should provide formal onboarding and training programs.

2. In addition to their academic credentials, new hires should be evaluated on their soft skills, problem-solving talents, and cultural fit using evaluation tools and interviews.

3. Match recent grads with seasoned employees who can act as mentors and ease their transition into the organization.

4. You can fill open positions with recent college grads who have worked with you as interns or co-op students. They may have prior experience with or knowledge of your organization.

5. In order to inspire new grads and cut down on turnover, it is important to establish clear goals and professional advancement routes.


Factors such as the organization's requirements, the industry, and the graduates themselves may make or break the decision to hire fresh university grads. Graduates are full of new ideas and energy, but they may need more training because of their inexperience.

Companies may increase the likelihood of success with this strategy by taking steps to reduce risks and maximize gains associated with bringing in new employees. The ultimate choice should be consistent with the company's long-term objectives and its dedication to training and promoting young employees.

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