How Gen Zs are Changing Corporate Life Forever

October 17, 2022


Over a third of the world's population is part of Generation Z, and they will soon take over the Millennials as the most populous generation. BeQCcause of this, the impacts of Gen Z's imminent entrance into the workforce, consumer markets, technology, politics, and culture will be felt immediately and widely. In stark contrast to the Millennial generation, this age group's views and professional achievements are quite different.

Here are some ways the new generation can change the corporate world.

They aim for technological modernization

Since they were born into the digital age, Gen Zs have no problem utilizing the internet for school, job, and socializing. To them, acquiring proper computer skills was as easy and natural as learning how to tie their shoelaces. A recent study of 12,000 Gen Z teenagers found that 91% said the technology and online presence that a business has would affect their career decision if presented with employment opportunities. Moreover, Gen Z has seen the dramatic ascent of social media giants like Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter, and it's no surprise that these platforms are now fundamental to their daily lives on both a personal and professional level.


They have entrepreneurial mindsets

In line with the previous item, Gen Zs have grown up seeing how technology can launch successful businesses. Since they have grown up with technology and are well-equipped to use it, they use it to their advantage. By seeing how others use Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms to create, advertise, and fund their projects or business ideas, they may have picked up some valuable insights as well. In fact, almost 6 out of 10 Gen Zs say they want to be company owners someday.


They don't tolerate toxic workplaces

Workforce Institute found that 29% Gen Z employees say that having an incompetent boss would harm their performance at work. In contrast, 32% of them say that they are more likely to put in extra effort and remain with a firm if they have a boss that is supportive. Aside from that, Gen Zs, more than any preceding generation, are aware of and open to alternatives to the standard office employment. Even with the usual 8-hours-a-day job, 84% of them value work-life balance.


They push for flexibility and additional benefits

In addition to a positive workplace, Gen Zs are dedicated to climbing the corporate ladder and will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals if their efforts are reciprocated by the companies they work in. One-third of Gen Zs claim they are the hardest working generation, albeit this is a motivated trade-off that needs businesses to provide work-life balance and competitive perks. Desirable perks include paid time off for parents, lengthy vacations, and a say in where and when they work. They value security and longevity in the workforce more than perks like free meals and happy hours, therefore they gravitate toward extra advantages like substantial healthcare coverage.


They are more inclusive and open-minded

Gen Z teenagers are the most socially aware compared to other generations. With phones and televisions, they have seen several potentially transformative social and political events on a global scale. This is a generation generally recognized for its tolerance, openness, and emphasis on diversity and inclusion. In their role as agents of change, Gen Zs are looking for careers in which they can make a difference, make things, take the lead, and further their education.

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