January 16, 2023


The new year is here and companies have already opened their doors by looking for highly-qualified candidates, here are top 5 job hunting tips that you can follow to get the position that you are eyeing for. The job market is more aggressive than ever, especially with different working set-up being practiced and considered by companies and professionals. 

Job seekers must also be competitive in order to snatch their dream roles and companies. With the ever evolving technology, making yourself ready to sell your skills and best assets to employers is already a big advantage. Here are other things that you should take note to finally get your dream role:

Enhance and upskill yourself
Despite having years of experience, it is still important to upskill and make yourself “updated” and ready to enter the workforce. There are numerous changes especially in tech and creative industries, and adding additional training and education will level up your advantage in landing your dream position.


Take advantage of online materials that you can access for free or enroll in courses that will issue you certifications that will help you future-proof your career. 

Make your network bigger
Networking is one of the best career activities you must focus on when you’re trying to land a job or just maintaining your reputation for future opportunities. By making mutually-beneficial connections, you have already created a possible pathway for your dream role. These professionals can share industry knowledge and information that can be beneficial in building your career, and may also introduce you to a bigger network. 

For both extroverted and introverted professionals, you must learn the ability to communicate effectively the things you can bring to the table and take a brave step on professionally approaching people, both offline and online, especially in important occasions. Having a professional network may be very beneficial in your job search this year and in the following years. 

Make your portfolio and application standout
With recruiters scouting for talents online, the list of potential candidates can be longer than usual. That's why it’s important to make your portfolio and application standout over the pool of candidates with possibly high-credentials. 

Your portfolio and resume is your first step in introducing yourself to employers, that’s why make sure to impress them with your best work and brief information on how you’re going to contribute to the team and company’s success. 

Make your presence online updated and attractive
Making your profile online updated and attractive can greatly help you on your journey to getting your dream role as recruiters and employers use these digital platforms to get the candidates that they are looking for. 

While applying for jobs, make sure that your profile on social platforms such as LinkedIn are up-to-date. Don’t be afraid to share your career achievements, digital artworks (if you have one), and work history as you may consider these social accounts as your digital resume and portfolio. 

Keep track of job opportunities
The internet offers numerous ways for job seekers to find career opportunities. Utilize social platforms and job boards to get easy access for new job listings. Signing up for newsletters or job alerts that you can customize will allow you to act quickly when your dream role has opened. 

There are thousands of job boards online, so try to explore those that are very close to your career or industry. Bookmark or keep track to these websites and pages as you’ll never know when these amazing opportunities will come. 

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