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What to look for in a new job

February 6, 2023


It's not just about the job title when figuring out whether or not a new job is good for you. Many factors are crucial, and it can help determine if you will be content with it or not. To help you balance the benefits and drawbacks of your new job, here are five items to think about.


Working hours

Working hours at a new job should be reasonable and allow you to maintain a good work-life balance. Never assume that the hours of work are going to be the typical 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, since different companies observe different shift hours.

Aside from the time you will be working, verify that you have a firm grasp on your projected work schedule, both as it relates to the hours specified in your contract and any additional hours that may be required.

Whether it's a position that requires frequent weekend attendance or occasional after-hours work, it's important to inquire about such things when applying and interviewing for a new job.

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Salary and benefits

Before accepting a new job, you should be able to cover your essentials and save for the future with the salary they are offering you. Take a look at your finances to get a sense of how much money you need to bring in each month.

Aside from that, comparing the benefits and other perks offered by different companies is a vital step. Health insurance, retirement savings plan, and paid vacation and sick leaves are just some of the most important benefits that most employees look for in a new employer. It would just be an added bonus if your new employer also offers smaller incentives, like gym discounts, transportation and meal allowance, monthly shopping vouchers, etc.


Responsibilities and deliverables

One of the keys to professional success is working in an area where your skills and interests are valued. If you have good leadership skills, it may be a good idea to take on a position that requires you to make crucial choices and manage people.

Another thing to consider is how many people you will be working with. Working in a group setting might require you to take on a quite different set of responsibilities than if you were doing the same task on your own. It is not just the day-to-day tasks you have to consider, but also the working conditions and character traits of the other employees.


Company culture

It's not easy to know whether you'll fit in with a company's culture until you start working there, but there are a few questions you can ask to help you determine if you will. And when the job interviewer gives you the opportunity to ask them questions, this is something that you should definitely bring up.

You have to know how big or small the company and employee population is; if the office is a casual or serious place to work; if you will feel supported by the company's leadership; if reporting to the office requires formal attire; and so on.


Career development

It's crucial to choose a job that allows for development early in your career. In the beginning of your career, you could take on lower-paying jobs in return for valuable work experience that might eventually lead you to your career goals. If you're further along in your career, you should actively seek out ways to expand your skill set at work. Many organizations provide opportunities for on-the-job training and other educational opportunities.

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