How to be Efficient at Work While Improving Your Lifestyle

February 14, 2021


As we all “go to work” every day, it is given that we have goals, deadlines, meetings, or whatever it is that we need to do and finish. Given the routine that it is, it is undeniable that sometimes we feel the opposite of giving our 100% and just get it over with to reap the reward of getting some rest. However, at the end of the day, have you asked yourself “Am I efficient today?”



According to Learner’s Dictionary, something is efficient when, “not only does it produce a result, but it does so in a quick or simple way using as little material, time, effort, or energy as possible.” However, this does not mean that you were effective in doing your work, it was defined by the same source as “producing a result even if it takes some unnecessary resources to do so.” They both produce output and success in delivery, but being efficient can be mirrored as working smarter than harder.



From various sources, there are a lot of ways to be more efficient in the workplace. Not only it would change the way you deliver, but it could improve your lifestyle too.

  1. Keep a Calendar
    According to, having a calendar whether it is an application or a physical planner will help you plan your task ahead, and keep them organized. It will also help you remember deadlines and other agenda easily. Adding details that are important to make it more detailed will also help you deliver a great output.
  1. Minimize Distractions
    Another tip from, you need to know where you are most comfortable to work, whether it is through an open space or quiet environment. This way you can really focus on what you are doing without feeling pressured. Another distraction could be your phone or any devices that are not necessary in what you do. Learn how to manage them either by putting it on silent mode (vibrate mode if you are waiting for an important message), or make a habit of taking short breaks to reward yourself. However, keep an eye on this it could be a distraction too if you abuse it.
  1. Learn how to say “NO”
    According to accepting some tasks that we know we can’t do, or we’re not supposed to do can really affect our efficiency at work. We become locked into multitasking that could be easily solved by a good work delegation. Not only it will burn you out in the long run, but it is not a healthy way of working. Too much could affect the quality of what you do.

As mentioned, there are a lot more that you can do to improve your efficiency at work. Remember that time could be a problem sometimes, but by working smarter it could be your best friend too. Focus on what you can do and just take your time, it is like answering the question, “how do you eat an elephant?” Do you take it as a whole? Or do you take one bite at a time? It’s up to you.

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