Make the Recruiter Notice and Hire You!

April 04, 2022


You are constantly applying for a job but it seems something is wrong. You can’t find one.

Thus, the million-dollar question – What’s wrong with me? What should I do?

Here’s your answer.

We had a conversation with Ben Bagg, the founder and CEO of BeeCore (, a B2B lead generation service that specializes in connecting SaaS companies to their ICP. And we talked about how the recruiter will notice and hire you!

From a CEO standpoint, these are the things that you need to remember when applying for a job:

  1. Attitude Over Skills

    You might have the talent and the abilities to perform the job but as well, the other applicants vying for that certain position. What can stand out is your attitude towards work. Can you fit in with this company? Can you adapt to change? Do you have the passion and motivation to work with this organization? Upon interviews, let them see, hear and feel that eagerness.

  2. Be Interested

    When they asked if you have any question, ask them! Inquire about the company’s vision and other whereabouts. This sends a signal that you are looking forward working with them.

  3. Body Language is Important

    While you are saying all the good things they want to hear, your body language might be telling them the opposite. The tone of voice, the nuances and other quirks – these are telling signs of your subconscious. Be mindful of these non-verbal communications.

  4. Don’t Go Against Your Nature

    You can mirror the interviewer’s energy and enthusiasm but still, be yourself. Don’t fake it. There’s a delicate balance between pleasing them and being a phony. These days, the so-called self-branding might be the thing but for the trained eye, inauthenticity can be highly noticeable. And this can actually work against you.

  5. Dress Appropriately

    This may seem a footnote but having a little research on how they dress may do wonders for you. When you’re applying for a TV production job, you don’t need to wear your coat and tie. When you’re applying to become a bank manager, please don’t come wearing a shirt.Wear something suited to the place you’re going. And more importantly, this outfit should represent best your persona.

Job hunting might be a tedious task. But you need it. And you’re willing to do the necessary things to find one. That’s why you know that you must prepare and do your research. You need to be equipped before going to any war. You will be noticed in a good way. And they will hire you, come the right time and the right organization. In a developing country like the Philippines, we can say that opportunities seem limited. But it doesn’t mean there’s none. Many times, we just have to make the most out of this situation. As they say, “Opportunity doesn’t come to those who wait. It comes to those who seek it out.”

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