July 14, 2022


Your product defines the brand. And to have the quality you want, you need the right people to do the job. That’s why you hire the right personnel for the right positions to make your company grow.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the future of the company practically depends on its recruitment and selection process.

But the tricky part is – almost all job applicants are saying the same things. And they are understandably answering what they think you want to hear. But what if you failed to distinguish who really has the potential?

Here are some certain reminders and tips on how to improve the hiring process:

  1. Focus on the Goals

There are some x-factors that you might notice with a candidate. And those aspects are enticing invitations for you to hire him/her. But back to basics – What exactly do you want this person to do for your company? Foremost, you should consider his/her skills and competence. Imagine this applicant working with you and other coworkers, how would he/she function?

You can’t predict the future but you can have a vision.


  1. Personalize Your Interactions

Of course, there should be standard questions and direction as to where the conversation can lead to. But creating a touchpoint with the candidate can result to specific information that you can assess.

Learning their needs and definite perspective on some important issues will present a clearer view of their personality and credo.


  1. Ask Why They Left Their Previous Work

Perhaps, they left their former employer because of some complex factors. But there’s also the possibility that they have an unhealthy character themselves.

Not only their outright answers should matter, you can also observe the manner and some non-verbal signs from them. It’s tricky but you’re in a position to test them. And you have the skillset to do that.


  1. Do a Social Media Background Check

Being nosy might result to good things on some occasions, like this one. Perhaps, the unfiltered emotion and ethics of the person in front of you can be seen online on his/her social media timeline.

It’s not a foolproof way but a number of clues are there.


  1. Test the Best Applicants

You have the shortlist of possible personnel to fill in vacant positions but still can’t decide with certainty. That’s why, there should be the test period, the probationary months. It might be an additional expense for the company but it’s worth the cost and the time for the long-term growth of the organization, including the hired applicant.

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