March 21, 2022


Not only from the romantics that we hear we should follow our dreams and pursue our passion. You may not notice but most marketing and advertising campaigns are based on this premise. The promise of happiness is too much of a deal that we should not just brush it off. As per, the majority of the self-help industry is also pushing this. And with the lifestyle design and self-improvement obsession of this generation, it has become a borderline religion.

But at times, reality is not all blooming, colorful and ideal. The bohemian ideology is a satisfying thought but how about the utility bills, rent, food allowance and other basic needs? A philosopher said it bluntly – beggars cannot be choosy. Truth to tell – we need to work to live.

But how about your passion? Can there be a middle ground to achieve both your dreams and still put food on the table? Or perhaps, the more apt question would be – Are you chasing the right dream? How do you know if you’re pursuing the correct goal? Of course, there’s none a single formula but these things might help you:

  1. The Journey is not Always the Destination

    We hear the popular adage, “the journey is the destination”. That what counts most is the enjoyment of the expedition. That even when the end of trail is almost a disappointment, what’s more important is the amusement you encounter along the way. Of course, this is also true for some happenstance. But in some cases, we should be clear about our goals and mission. According to, we need to know when we are going. We need to have “navigation system” that keeps our overall direction to decrease the confusion in our mind.

  2. Abort, Retry, Ignore?

    Stay sharp and know what you should deny and what should be kept. Many times, the current situation is not ideal. But don’t live in denial. According to, you won’t be able to deal with the obstacles you’re currently facing when you’re not honest with what’s real.

  3. Details!

    Big dreams start from small beginnings. It’s a cliché but it is honest and accurate. As per, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to achieve a big goal but you have to work backwards from there to identify the smaller steps you can take that will get you to finish line. Read and watch the biographies of famous stars, athletes and businessmen and you’ll be inspired how they work hard for each small step. It will always be tiring but all the sweat and tears will be worth your time!

And now, the answer for the question of the day – Should I follow my dream career? Definitely! Because it is more than proving to yourself how powerful your determination is. More importantly, it is a celebration of what’s possible. A matter of being alive or just merely surviving.

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