Secrets and Important Tips to get that Job Promotion

Revealed by Top Companies

January 28, 2022


More responsibilities and of course, higher salary! Promotion in your company is a rewarding accomplishment. But realistically speaking, not all employees can get it. At least with the time frame one is expecting. Usually, it takes longer than what you imagined.  

But there are certain steps and mindset to increase your chances of getting that promotion. Here are some of the tips we can share from our research:

1. Give More Value

The organization should see and appreciate the reason why you’re in a company. Make yourself useful. According to, there are 2 important things that you can do to increase your value. One is – Improve your skills to deliver increasingly better results for your company.

The other one is – Expose yourself to a broader range of company activities that enable you to broaden your knowledge, skills and experience. You should also find new opportunities for career growth.

2. Display Commitment

As per the reminder of – when people are really committed, you can tell by the quality of their work, the effort they put in and the relationships they develop. That when employees show commitment, their superiors are noticing it. And they tend to reward them with deserved promotions.

3.Motivate Yourself Constantly

While it seems that promotion is a competition among peers, at the end of the day, we know that it starts with the self. And as mentioned earlier, career advancement may take longer than what you originally planned. That’s why – you need to be continuously determined and motivated.

According to, you can find meaning for yourself by creating a list of reasons why a promotion would benefit your career.

  1. Proving to yourself that you are capable of greater things.
  2. Having a plan for your family in which earning a promotion is an essential milestone.
  3. Contributing more towards your company’s mission.

Knowing the main reason why you have this target and staying focused can do wonders for your goal. You may find it easier to work hard and smart. You’ll eventually get that promotion – at the right time!


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