Jr. Paralegal

Department: Legal

Full job description


  • Acts as a liaison for the Corporate Lawyer/Legal department to other employees/consultants/representatives of the Company and third parties dealing with the company.
  • Assists in conducting legal research
  • Assists the lawyer of the legal department in drafting affidavits, contracts, board resolutions, secretary’s certificates, general information sheets, and other legal documents.
  • Assisting with PowerPoint presentations to existing clients, prospective clients, and other industry-related seminars.
  • Attend meetings, and administrative hearings in judicial and quasi-judicial agencies whenever his/her presence is so required taking down notes and minutes of meetings whenever required.
  • Draft legal documents including complaints, Affidavits, Corporate Documents, Notices to Employees, Briefs, Appeals, Wills, Contracts, and Legal Agreements of the company and related companies.
  • Gives logistical support to the legal department.
  • Identifies appropriate laws, judicial decisions, legal articles, and other information that is relevant to the cases and issues handled by the Corporate Lawyer/Legal Department.
  • Maintain and organize the files, soft copies of the Company and related Companies, and cases handled by the Corporate Lawyer/Legal Department to ensure that law library and resources are up-to-date.
  • Manages and supervises the operations of the legal department by ensuring timely· signing, filing, submission, or delivery of legal documents.
  • Obtains affidavits, documents, and legal submissions of cases handled by the Legal Department.
  • Prepares reports on the activities of the legal department, with advice from the corporate lawyer and/or Head of the Legal Department
  • Assists in Labor Related Investigations, Issues, Complaints, and Cases handled by the Corporate Lawyer/Legal Department.
  • Summarizes legal documents and checks legal forms and documents for accuracy.
  • Prepare documents, obtain files, and complete all requirements for the renewal of Local Government permits, licenses, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)filings, and other Government agencies.
  • Filling and acquisitions of the aforementioned permits, licenses, SEC renewal and filing, and other Government fillings for the company and related companies.
  • Quality checks the manhours of all service contracts sent by the Human Resources Department for billing purposes.
  • Monitor all the service agreements and ensure contract renewal dates are updated Other related tasks that may be required from time to time.


  • Candidate must be a college graduate.
  • Minimum of 6 months to 1 year legal department experience
  • Significant experience working in a corporate setting under a lawyer a plus
  • Solid working knowledge of legal jurisprudence and legal work compliance with the government.
  • Proficient in MS Office and good knowledge of relevant software


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