Department: Retail Operations


To Adhere in the the Standard Operating Procedure in Cashiering process and be able to deliver high quality of service standard and maximize productivity level .


  • Prepare & manage the Three Thousand change fund accordingly.
  • Arrange change fund according to the standard Bills (from left to right, from highest to lowest) & Coins (from left to right, from lowest to highest) arrangement.
  • Check the status of the following cashier’s supplies such as thermal paper, paper bags, chopsticks & ballpen.
  • Count & update the stock of Cell cards &/or cigarettes under your custody or accountability.
  • Smile &greet the customer that will approach your counter.
  • Ask him the Mode of payment before the transaction, if your store is accepting other digital payments aside from Cash transactions.
  • Scan the merchandise one by one (100 % accuracy) if, by the box (virgin sealed), you may open the box & get 1 to scan it times the actual quantity per box.
  • Inform the customer of his total bill and ask the customer for smaller bills in case he will paying only less than a hundred & paying One Thousand Pesos bill.
  • Call out the amount you received from the customer before punching it.
  • Hand over to the customer’s hand his change.
  • Get the POS receipt and check the total quantity.
  • Count as you pack the merchandise then match it with the POS quantity then encircle it.
  • Handover the goods to the customer, thank him, and ask for a repeat business.
  • Proactively monitor your change fund & press the ringer as you need CTL assistance including cash lifting if necessary.
  • Clean & organize the cashier’s counter before the end of the shift or Y read.
  • After the End of Shift Y-Reading, prepare 3k Change Fund, Cash Sales & digital payments collection, and fill out all the necessary documents for the CTL audit.
  • Upon completion of all Cashier’s documents, deposit Cash Collection at the Cash Drop while the store with Cash Deposit Machine follows current existing process.
  • Other duties that may be assigned from time to time.


  • Willing to work at flexible time schedule including graveyard shifts & holidays
  • Strong Upselling Skills & Product Knowledge is an advantage
  • Warm Customer Service with Friendly attitude
  • Quick Math Skill


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