Personal Executive Assistant (Korean Bilingual)

Department: Executive

Serving directly to the CEO, the Executive Assistant, serves as the primary point of contact in all aspects pertaining to the needs and expectations of the CEO for both internal & external relationships of the CEO.

The ideal individual will have the ability to exercise good judgment in a variety of situations, with strong written and verbal communication, administrative, time management, and organizational skills, and the ability to maintain a realistic balance among multiple priorities.

This position is often privy to confidential information and as such requires diplomacy and utmost discretion.

Support the CEO to achieve his goal promptly through proper meeting management & task management.

1. Meeting Management
a. Meeting Minutes taker.
b. Sending of Meeting Minutes on time and accurate
c. Validate meeting materials sent for regular meetings (timeliness and
completeness of reports)
d. Communicate additional requests for meeting provided all checkpoints for a valid meeting request are met.
e. Make sure attendees are well prepared during the meeting.

2. Task Management
a. Monitor tasks assigned to managers/direct reports.
b. Escalate any task with issues through incident management
c. Remind and follow up with managers two days before the task due date.
d. Make sure managers are aligned with the CEO.

3. Office & Facilities Management
a. Equipment Supplies Monitoring ( Inventory Management).
b. Office Maintenance (Aircon, repairs, office cleaning, etc).

4. Other Task Assigned
a. Other task assigned from time to time
b. Act as BC person for other team members as agreed with your immediate superior.

COMPETENCIES (skills, knowledge, abilities)
Organization and Time Management
Keeping a close eye on project deadlines, where all the correct paperwork and files are stored, knowing when meetings are due to finish and when the next one starts, and scheduling meetings accordingly and correctly.

Fully aware of cybersecurity and to ensure that everything is handled sensitively.

Ability to deal with different levels in the organization, sensitively and tactfully. Ability to communicate with the management team using an approach that considers their feelings and potential reaction to the situation. Ability to identify the common ground.


Ability to cut through the noise; able to get to the heart of the matter and communicate what is required in any given situation. Can work with a whole range of different personality types, seniority, diversity, and backgrounds and as such, able to adapt communication style so that messages are related effectively and efficiently.

Attention to Detail
Aware of the small details that make a difference; schedule time for the CEO to read reports that will help the CEO prepare and make decisions, as needed.

Ability to make a decision on which task to tackle first, when all of the work is a priority with imminent deadlines. Ability to remain flexible while handling multiple priorities to support the CEO effectively.

Ability to anticipate what might be coming up in the organization and how to deal with any issues that might occur. Having a strong understanding of the business, building knowledge of the industry, and understanding the CEO style and priorities.

Highly innovative in problem-solving and task completion. Ability to ‘think outside the box’ and do things a little differently and challenge the status quo.

Ability to put oneself forward for projects and challenging tasks.

Education – College degree, preferably in Behavioral Sciences (Human Resources), Management/Business Administration, Governance, Corporate Planning, Computer Science, Financial Management, or any related degree.

Postgraduate study is not required but preferred.

Work Experience – Minimum of 5 years of extensive work experience as EA to the executives.

** EA for HR, Finance, Legal- must have working experience in HR, Legal or Finance.

** EA for Latte – must-have marketing working experience

** EA for Others – Marketing working experiences

Skills – Excellent communication (oral and written), Presentation, Coordination, Time Management and Organization, Project Management, and Stakeholder Management.

Language: Fluent in English ( can speak Korean or Mandarin but not preferred)

Work Environment – onsite (Monday to Friday start at 9 am to 7 pm or follow the CEO going home schedule whichever is longer)

Performance Expectations – above average level of work



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